Teacher Training Program

To educate ECC Teachers to fully understand

  • Philosophy

How to explain and discuss Suzuki, Dalcroze, Kodaly, Orff and Traditional Teaching Method how it applies to everyday life and to the teaching of their instrument.

  • Performance

How to demonstrate successfully in their own playing the application of the teaching approach.

  • Teaching Methods

How to demonstrate the Teaching Points of the Repertoire on their instrument, and explain why any given point is taught in a particular way.

Training Program

Teacher Training Syllabus

  • a

    Intensive study of philosophy.

  • b

    Intensive individual study of the instrument, focusing on the Technique, Tone Production and Sound needed to teach young children. Candidates should have the ability to play competently outside the Repertoire.

  • c

    Step-by-step mastery of Teaching Points in the Repertoire and of the Psychology of Teaching.

  • d

    Structure of Individual and Group lessons.

  • e

    Observation of Individual and Group lessons given by recognised ECC Teachers.

  • f

    Lectures and discussions on Child Development, with particular regard to the parent/child relationship.

  • g

    Solo performance.

Teacher Training Program